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How Do I Book Kevin And How Far Out Do I Need To Book?

The easy answer is, since there is only one Kevin, the sooner the better. Unless luck is on your side, and it maybe, it's best to book at least two months in advance. A two month or more advance booking is good, not just for availability but also to allow time for all necessary preparation, depending who all you want Kevin to be. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost depends on many factors. For example a one hour Elvis show on a Tuesday at 3:00 is $180.00. Whereas, a one hour Elvis show on a Saturday night will cost $550.00 which is just $250.00 less than a three hour show that same night. If we start adding other singers this price would go up a small amount but rather than trying to put together an impossible price list we ask that you decide what you want Kevin to do, and when, and for how long and we'll put together a "custom quote" for you.  

How Far Will Kevin Travel?

Kevin has plenty of work to keep him busy right here in the Portland and surrounding ares, such as Gresham, Vancouver, etc. so, except rarely and for the right price Kevin seldom leaves the Portland area.

Can I Have Kevin Do A Variety Act/Show?

Yes. With Spectacular PDX there really is nearly no end to the entertainment arrangement that you can have. For example you can have 15 minutes of singing puppets, 15 minutes of Elvis, 15 minutes of Cars, 30 minutes of Bruce Springsteen, 30 minutes of Jimmy Buffett, 30 minutes of classic oldies and a one hour mix of classic country and pop DJ. Spectacular PDX means you can get near endless entertainment options from one entertainer. Spectacular PDX means your event/party entertainment will be beyond the norm!

Can I Pick The Songs?

Yes. You pick the songs from each impersonated artist/group/dj featured song list. And Kevin welcomes requests but he may not always be able to accommodate them.   


Can I Have A Puppet Video Announcement or Invitation Made For My Social Media?

Yes. A refreshingly unique, completely personalized, cute, attention getting, share-worthy, 'Portland Puppets' video is great for putting on your social media platforms, such as Facebook, to let people know about your upcoming event/party. See Made4u Videos

FAQs in Vancouver and the Portland area. 

Can I See A List of All of Kevin's Characters And The Singers Kevin Impersonates?

Yes. Go to the List of Acts & Characters page. 

Does Kevin Do Business Promotions. ?

Yes, There is no end to the promotional, (live, video or mixed), and marking ideas Kevin has for promoting businesses.  Just contact us online and he'll send you 'The Spectacular PDX For Businesses List'  or call us at 971 276 4472. Blending your ideas and insight about your business with Kevin's promotion and marketing options, we will affordably bring about spectacular results for your business.    

What If I Need To Cancel?

We require the full amount be paid at the time of your booking reservation Spectacular PDX for your event/party. If you need to cancel your booking reservation we will refund half that amount if you cancel withing 30 days of your booked reservation. 

What If Spectacular PDX Cancels?

Naturally baring something of health issue that would make it impossible for Kevin to carry out his "task" Kevin would never cancel. That being the case, naturally such a health issue, however unlikely, can never be ruled out, therefore, since there is only one Kevin Wolf, if Kevin would need to cancel you would receive a full refund.  We will email you our contract prior to you booking Spectacular PDX's services.  

Is Kevin Willing To Collaborate?

He is certainly willing to "entertain" any collaboration proposals! 

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What Sort Of Equipment Etc. Will There Be?

In most cases the equipment consist of an amplifier or two and a microphone or two. Some shows require that Kevin set a small, portable table chair and of course, in many cases he has his props such as wigs, puppets, guitar, etc. One thing people really like is that unlike hiring a band, (aside from cost and the fact that there's no controlling the loudness), is that there isn't a lot equipment coming into to your place. And the sound is exactly like the original. 

What about the set up - area needed, electricity, etc. ?

The minimum amount of room needed depends on what entertainment you want. Singing Puppets only need about a 5' x 5' area whereas, Elvis needs about a 10' x 15' area. You want to pick an area that makes the most sense as a focal point for your quest to see and the closer to a working electrical outlet the better. Outdoor events can pose challenges but with a little advance planning we can make almost any space work.   

Is This The Kevin Wolf That Wrote 'The Portland Song - I'm On It?

We got this question about a dozen times so, even though it has nothing really to do with his live shows and entertaining we decided to list it the FAQ. And the answer is yes. In fact, Kevin has written many songs along with scripts, satirical comedy and other  wide-ranging literary works.