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Welcome! This Page Features Many Made 4U Video Examples.

The following are 'Portland Puppets' videos. Most were made for their clients/customers for everything from letting a child know about their dad returning home to an infomercial. Even a mini-movie and some special invitations are featured here.

With over 60 judgement proof, lovable, entertaining puppet characters there is no end to what the Portland Puppets can affordably make for you. This page features just a handful of examples. To learn more and see many more video examples go to PortlandPuppets.com.  Note: All videos are in easy to download & upload MP4 files.

Portland puppets - Creative Video Production Video promo.

This  is a Portland Puppets video promo. The rest of the videos below are examples of: Vids For Kids - Multi and Single Puppet Ads & Invitations, Multi-Graphic, Personal Message, Silent Movie, Puppet To Puppet, People To Puppet, Action, Educational, Fun, Interactive, Music and Mini-Movie. 

Video - Angles Foundation -Multi Pupppet Ad

This is a multi-puppet music jingle video ad. 

Video - Hoagys Heroes Portland Puppets Vids For Kids

This is a video of Hoagy explaining Portland Puppets "Kid Vids" and all of the Portland Puppets that are puppet perfect actors for them.

Video - Multi Puppet Invitations

This video is a good example of a "cut to and back", multi-puppet, video, movie-style invitation.

Video - Portland puppet ad promo

 This video is a good example of a "cut to and back", multi-puppet, video, movie-style ad. 

Video - Single Puppet Invitation

This is a single puppet video invitation.

Video - Portland puppets layered ad

Though a bit dated, this Portland Puppets video promo features nearly everything you could want to know about  a Portland Puppets video and getting a Portland Puppets video made for yourself. 

Video - Multi Graphic Ad

This multi-graphic, ad video features a video within a video, logos and text.  

Video - Personal message

With over 60 puppet characters the options for any message are as near endless as the types of messages themselves. From anniversaries, birthdays, encouragement, words of wisdom/warning the Portland Puppets will say it best. This video is just one of hundreds the Portland Puppets have made and really...we are limited only by  imagine from which there really are no limits. Creative Video Production - Video Production Puppetry - Video Marketing & Messages 

Video - Silent Movie Style Message/Ad

As if using puppets wasn't enough to attract attention...this silent video, (featuring Portland Puppets very own Sir Puppet), takes attention getting to new heights! 

Video - Face to face message/ad

This face-to-face/puppet-to-puppet, video ad is a great way to convey your message without talking directly at/to your audience. Great for fundraising too!

Video - Educational Message

This educational, puppet-to-puppet, "cut to and back", video ad is a great way to convey your message without talking directly at/to your audience. This type of video is especially desired with sensitive subject matter. 

Video - Action Ad/message

This is a Portland Puppets "action" video. An action video like this is perfect to softly portray messages or ads that require that violence be shown as a part of it. Puppets allow for putting some distance between the viewer and the real harshness of reality while still simulating reality.   

Video - Just For Fun

Many Portland Puppets customers just want a fun or silly, even nonsensical puppet message(s) and the Portland Puppets love to accommodate...as this  video shows.

Video - Music Video

Do you have song(s)? What ever it is...heavy metal, rap, country or music for tots you must let one or more of the Portland Puppets make a music video(s) of it/them for you. 

Video - mini movie - Captain & The COP

The Portland Puppets make movies too and they'd love make a movie for you. This video is an example and while it's not likely to win any Hollywood awards...it is...well, see for yourself. Who knows maybe you'll want the Portland Puppets crew to make a movie for you too! 

Video - interactive Personal Messages

This video showcases one of two "interactive" type of videos the Portland Puppets offer. The other Portland Puppets "interactive" type of video is of a fortune teller. 

Video - People & Puppets interactive

This video features Portland Puppets' Boosty Cool interviewing some Portland Saturday Market Vendors. These real world, one on one Portland Puppets interviews work great for showcasing a businesses products and or services but they're also a nice way tell a story.