Have A Playacta Play party

Welcome To PlayActA! The Play Acting Game in Portland

PlayActA Play-  Have 'Hector The Director' direct a 'PlayActA Play' at your next party or event!  
No Two PlayActA Plays Are Alike!   
They are based on one of many play themes, you choose. There are no scripts to rehearse. It's just pure play acting fun! You and your guests simply ad lib with the loose structured direction and guidance of Hector The Director. 


There's Nothing More Fascinating Than The  Acting Game in Portland.

Unbelievably Fun/Funny And You & Your Guest Are All Stars!

Except for your pre-set "no go" rules your guests can just say and do whatever they want but like real actors they have to follow the direction of Hector The Director.  Hector uses his keen directing skills and comedic sense to direct your guests to mix "in and out" with each other creating an hilarious blend of comedy that builds on itself. It's fun and therapeutic! 

Extend The Fun And Have "Watch" Party, With Your Guest, At Another Time!   

With your guests consent you can video record the PlayActA  yourself or have us do it and throw another a "watch" party.