Welcome The Portland Area Wedding Singer

The only band you'll want will be on your finger!

If you're in the Portland Oregon area there's no end to available singers and DJs but there's only one Singing DJ. He still sings & plays all the songs every other DJ plays but he also sings/sounds just like many of the chart-topping originals heard over our radios. 

Kevin gives an amazing live sound feel to the songs and in many cases you and your guests will swear he's the original artist or group. 

Video - Wedding Singer - Demo

It's up to you...what's your pleasure? 

Make your wedding reception SPECTACULAR! Don't just hire a DJ when for about the same $ you can really bring your wedding reception to life with multi-vocal, impersonator phenome Kevin Wolf. 

Kevin is a talented MC and entertainer that understands "tempo-balance" and knows how to get and keep your guests happy. And as a major added bonus he sounds remarkably like the original male singers whose songs he sings, (especially those from the 50s to 80s), , Portland Area Wedding Singer